20,000 and Counting

We have hit 20,000 meals! That’s TWENTY THOUSAND meals prepared and distributed in our catchment area – reaching those who are at danger of being isolated or unable to access healthy wholesome meals.

Our Darvel Hub has been at full tilt throughout lockdown, where our incredible community food workers have been preparing, storing and distributing these nutritious meals.

Of course, without our army of volunteers this would have been impossible. Heroes every one of them – stepping up to help their community and taking on extra work to try and make sure everyone is looked after.

Obviously we won’t be stopping our food production just because we’ve hit this huge milestone. Our work will continue, and we will continue to listen, engage and serve the local area as best as we possibly can.

Everyone can agree that 2020 has been a really challenging year. But for some it has been even more worrying, uncertain and dangerous than it has for many. There are others who, even before COVID, faced isolation, food poverty and a lack of easy access to fresh, nutritious food.

What 2020 has hopefully revealed to all of us is that we have the ability to really make a difference to other people’s lives. A kind word, a quick checking up on a neighbour, a friendly gesture, a token of gratitude or even a trip to the shops for someone else’s bog roll and bread! It can all make a difference in a HUGE way.

We are immensely proud of our work at Ayrshire Food Hub. We won’t be resting on our laurels or getting complacent. We want to be able to be counted on to provide what’s needed.

This milestone of 20,000 meals (and counting!) is an achievement that lets us know we are contributing something significant to the community that we serve. We hope to carry on that good work, and to help others do their own good work alongside us!

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