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Opening the doors to our community groups

With a gradual and safe return to some sense of normality, we are delighted to announce that our community groups are able to get back up and running!

Over the years our Darvel Hub has played host to a whole range of creative, crafty, and cake-tastic groups! Inclusive and welcoming, we invite the Irvine Valley public to pop in and see what we’re up to. From social clubs to craft classes to handy breakfast stalls, our Hub will be a busy little place. From Monday to Friday, we will run our groups – new and old – from the centre of Darvel. And this is all on top of our continued work with FareShare and our emergency meal provision!

What’s Happening at the Hub?

Monday mornings will see us host Craft & Coffee, where you can enjoy a hot drink and some creativity in a relaxed atmosphere. We want the Hub to be somewhere that people can feel comfortable when meeting new and old friends. Our Soup Club on Wednesday afternoons will offer a similarly comfortable setting for a casual catch up.

Sometimes there’s no time for the kids to grab breakfast before leaving the house for school in the morning. And that’s where our breakfast stalls come in handy! Set up outside the Hub during the week, our stalls are stocked with healthy snacks and drinks that are easy to grab and eat on the way to school. Free and easy to pick up, we want the local school pupils to always have time for breakfast.

And it’s not just food groups that we will host at the Darvel Hub but health and wellbeing groups too. We will regularly be leading walking groups throughout the local area. A chance to get some steps in, take in your surroundings or just meet up for a gentle walk with others.

Pop in and see us!

We have our groups set up for those looking for something to do on a regular basis. But we will also have an open door at various points through the week. That way, anyone who wants to grab a tea or coffee, or would like to know more about what the charity can do, can come and have a chat. We understand that it’s important to make it as easy as possible for people to make a connection with us. To see what’s on, have a look at the Events page on our website, or keep an eye out on what’s posted in our window at West Main Street, Darvel.

and at Ayrshire Food Hub, Crossroads…

Meanwhile, at our new Hub at Crossroads, a variety of other community groups will be taking place. The Crossroads Community Choir have already begun their practice sessions and are keen for others to join. We will also play host to a number of groups and meets aimed at parents, professionals, and others within the local community.

Again, keep up with all the goings on by having a look at our Events page.

Our doors are open, and we look forward to hosting you all.

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